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News: Tour Agenda Updated

The Agenda has been updated, new dates are available with “The Snailers”, “The Terry White Band”, “The Drifting Piano’s” and “The Lennerockets”. The release of my own album “Mr Sunshine” with the “RoyalTones” was planned for the 18th of April, but has unfortunately been canceled due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus. We are currently working on a new date.

Nao de maon en truuk, Note Allergie

Nao de maon en truuk

NIEUWS: Nieuw Note Allergie Album, nu verkrijgbaar!

Het nieuwe limburgstalige album “Nao De Maon En Truuk” van Note Allergie (Rick Fusers en Roy Raaijmakers) is nu uit, en is verkrijgbaar in de webshop! Ook is het album nu beschikbaar op Spotify, Shazam, Apple Music en andere platvormen. Het album bevat 12 nummers, komt in een ‘jewelcase’ doosje, en bevat een uit 4 pagina’s bestaand boekje met teksten. Het album is opgenomen bij Studio Double Double U met Toine en Wesley Joppen als Geluids Engineer. Foto’s gemaakt door Denise Fusers, Grafische vormgeving door Studio Done (Maureen Nikkessen-Fusers). Alle Instrumenten zijn gespeeld door Rick Fusers (zang, trompet, mondharmonica en slagwerk) en Roy Raaijmakers (zang, akoestische gitaar, electrische gitaar, accordeon, bas en keyboards). Er zelfs is nog een beperkt aantal gesigneerde exemplaren beschikbaar. Voor het album of voor boekingen, neemt u gerust contact met ons op via info@royjmartin.com, via contact op deze website, of via de Note Allergie Facebook site door (hier) te klikken.

News: Porky’s Hot Rockin’ at the “Shake Rattle and Roll Weekender”

Porky's Hot Rockin' Shake Rattle and Roll

Porky’s Hot Rockin’ Shake Rattle and Roll

On friday the 18th of march Porky’s Hot Rockin’ played at the “Shake Rattle and Roll” weekender in Great Yarmouth. Even though we were the first band on that weekend, the dancefloor was absolutely loaded and the crowd was great! The people on the British rockin’ scene truely put the “Great” in Great Britain.

Another guy who we met before the show was “Rockin’ Terry Lee”, a great piano player and a nice guy. During the soundcheck we ended up having somewhat of a jamsession. Thanks to “Ruth Archer” this is available on video, click this link to watch it on youtube.

The first part of Porky’s Hot Rockin’s gig being: “Break Up” “Can You Bop, Can You Boogie” “The shape I’m In” and “Your True Love” is also available on video, click this link to watch it on  youtube, or go to the video section of my website. If you like what you see, feel free to visit Porky’s Hot Rockin’ on facebook.

News: Note Allergie has it’s own facebook page!

Note Allergie

Note Allergie

Dutch duo Note Allergie has it’s own facebook page now. Visit the new site by clicking here. Please do click on the “like” button if you like what you hear, and check out our new hit: “Nao de maon en truuk”. Also posted on youtube, and in the Video section of this website.

Note Allergie was formed in 2013 by two musicians from Swalmen (the Netherlands). The name “Note Allergie” refers to being allergic to nuts (wich we both happen to be). The Dutch word for “nuts” is also used in music as music notes. Thus, in this case, we are not nuts about sheetmusic.

Last year a couple of good friends surprised us with our own merchandise, being: “Note Allergie sjawls”. They were first showed to us during a gig and we were left completely flabbergasted! This whole thing is just heart-warming you know, and we are proud to say that these sjawls have sold out comlpetely. Don’t worry, we’re planning on having a second batch produced. We will let you know when they are available again!

At the moment we are working on our first album, with self penned and played material. Some songs will be Carnival related, some other tunes may not be. Our reportoire is ever growing and improving. All songs are sung in Limburg-Dialect. All recording sessions are held at the professional Studio Double Double U. So I’m sending a special thanks out to Toine and Wesley, the studio’s operators.

We are happy to do what we’re doing, and very busy writing stuff. We can’t wait to finally release the album, we will keep you updated!